What Kind of Women Do Millionaire Men Prefer to Date?

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millionaire menJust like all the women coming from different corners of the world who look for specific traits in their man, men are also searching for certain attributes in women they are dating. Although majority of women particularly the younger ones vouch for millionaire men, these rich men may or may not only want a woman who has nothing else aside from beauty. This is why a lot of women cannot help but wonder on what millionaire men look for in women.

Based on a survey conducted by Millionaire Match, a dating website for millionaires, rich men were revealed to have totally different dating preferences as compared to their female counterparts.

Millionaire Match has surveyed a random sample of almost 15,000 of their members in order to determine what kind of people millionaires really prefer to date. Based on the results, it was found out that a vast majority of millionaire men, specifically 79.6% of them, seek out women who are non-millionaires while 84.5% of millionaire women would rather date a fellow millionaire.

Representative for Millionaire Match said during a press release that one of the main reasons why millionaire men don’t prefer to date rich women is because they prefer a partner whom they can take care of.

According to the representative, they were extremely surprised to find out that a vast majority of the male millionaire members of Millionaire Match sought non-millionaires. It seems that men who are financially independent prefer to share their wealth with the ones who are less fortunate. However, the story is completely different with women.

The female millionaires who were surveyed have indicated that they don’t have any plans to take care of anybody and that they would rather be with a partner who is financially stable.

Also, the survey has found out that the millionaire women are much more careful when it comes to their wealth if they entered a marriage as compared to the millionaire men. About 82% of the female respondents claimed that they are going to insist on prenuptial agreement while just 17.4% percent of male respondents are going to do the same.

So far, this is not the very first survey to look at what kinds of people are much preferable to date. One study from August 2013 discovered that people who are saving more money are much more desirable compared to those who are spending a lot. Also, a survey from July 2012 revealed that dating is way easier for the hot women.

Although some women did manage to steal the heart of successful and rich men, some try to do this without really knowing what must be done for pleasing the man they are attracted to the most. If you are non-millionaire, you must still bear the air of a classy and elegant woman. You must exude confidence, show intelligence, be passionate and most importantly, be a queen and not a drag. When you do all these things, you would definitely be the woman that every millionaire man would want to date.

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