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From the very first page of the website, down to the name and the bulk of employees on the website, the impression of been an expensive website is created. There are thousands of people out there who have issues finding love. Some have actually found love but maintaining it over time has been a major trouble for them.

This is where the millionaires club comes in. Most of the people that run the database of the site are actually professionals when it comes to relationship affairs. They believe that anyone who is successful doesn’t have to work him or herself out before they find the perfect match.


They engage majorly in counseling, matchmaking, dating goals and also a whole lot of other activities to make you keep your better half. One major thing that people who are very conversant with the site would say is that they have done their research well.

Although it is one thing to say that you want to open an account with them but what they do mainly is to decipher from your data if you are the kind of person that they want. They understand that a whole lot of people rely on their expert opinions; they also know that sometimes when one finds love, the heart becomes exceptionally delicate and it takes one with a delicate heart to know the value of keeping one. This explains why they do the stress of researching on past profile of a person before they decide whether the person would stay in their database or not.

One very crucial thing to know is that this particular site is known for having a keen interest in celebrities and millionaires in Diasporas and they have been responsible for many celebrities that find love with one another.

For anyone who knows this website well enough, they would understand that it has grown as far as giving itself a niche in its own class. It features a millionaire’s club link on its website page; it features a referral program, privacy policy and a host of other features.


From the sound of the name of the website, any person would understand that it is not a free site. However, the cost of their services goes as follows:

  • The bronze package = $45,000/yr
  • The silver package = $65,000/yr
  • The Patti Exclusive gold package = $85,000/yr
  • The platinum package = $100,000/yr

This is just to mention a few of them but their services sure go beyond these packages. The site is one dating site that those who can afford quality run to.


  • It is a very classic site and the number of services that they offer outnumbers the packages offered.
  • It affords the users the benefit of ending up with the most professionally selected mate
  • It doesn’t discriminate on sexual preferences
  • One of the best websites to find rich people


  • Too expensive for the average users


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