5 Things We Can Learn from the "Millionaire Matchmaker"

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Millionaire Matchmaker logoMillionaire Matchmaker is a hot reality TV program these days run by Patty Stanger that caters only to upper income single women and men searching for love or anything near it. The marathon of Millionaire Matchmaker has yielded several solid strategies and ideas that are relevant to plausible business relationships.

With this being said, here are some of the valuable lessons that you will learn from this program that might be able to help you find that perfect millionaire match who can make all of your dreams come true.

Determine the Relationship Non-Negotiables

Before anything else, you have to determine all of your absolute requirements from the relationship before you pursue it. There is that one case of a guy with several failed relationships and was very vague and evasive about the things that he is looking for in a woman. Patti then challenged him to cite the top relationship non-negotiables for him. This definitive list was able to help him in doing a much better job in the evaluation and ranking of possible candidates while meeting them. This very concept can work not only during your search for a millionaire match but also in business.

Evaluate as Many Candidates as You Can

One important lesson from Millionaire Matchmaker is the fact that you shouldn’t think that you are only searching for that one perfect match. You have to build a sufficient pool of obviously attractive candidates who fit into your non-negotiables list and allow the narrowing process work to find that ultimate candidate whom you can share a strategic relationship with.

Ask Lots of Questions

It is crucial to know what you are getting into with a potential relationship partner. You should both asks tons of questions and puts every candidate in every situation where they have to ask some questions to one another and uncover their real selves. Before you dive into searching a strategic relationship partner, you should also ask yourself some questions. Do this with each potential candidate. Regardless of how well you think you are already aware of them. Even better, observe them in the situations as close as possible to people you will experience during the relationship. It is all good learning.

Search for Someone Who’s Age Appropriate

A millionaire matchmaker also matches people on different criteria after interviewing the potential dates and millionaires. She hits hard on those whose immaturity show through an interest in dating outside the range of their age. Translating this to a strategic business relationship, are you seeking for candidates who are strong partners for some of your organizations? Never set your sites on partners you could dominate. Search for those who will make your grow and challenge you as an organization.

Never Force Awkward Situations Early in Your Relationship

The first date may always be a challenge. A millionaire matchmaker has a list of what his or her clients aren’t supposed to do during their first dates. The reason behind it is to reduce the stress points for those who are involved. It is a good idea to not push a strategic relationship too fast and too far.

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