Top 10 Millionaire Dating Sites of 2019

The number of websites built for people who want to find a wealthy partner is continuously increasing. It’s no surprise, considering the number of people who would readily accept an opportunity to live a more comfortable life. As such, has unveiled some helpful millionaire dating advice to help interested individuals ensure their success in dating the rich. We tried our best to write the reviews of millionaire dating sites and apps, then you can take a look at our list.

#1 has been a forerunner in the millionaire dating domain for over a decade now. A humongous membership base besides an exquisite set of features has helped this site achieve this feat. In fact, Millionaire Match can be viewed as one of the first websites that catered exclusively to the needs of millionaires.

There are innumerable reasons that make people choose over other millionaire dating websites.

#2 is a website that is just setting out. It aims to make many mature minded people meet each other through the many options on its website.

It has the goal of trying to promote the date of more than five million people in no time and this it intends achieving through its very strong database. Let’s see its features, cost, pros and cons so you can determine whether this dating site is the right fit for you and your needs.


In this review of SeekingArrangement.Com we will reveal all features, costs and pros and cons about one of the most popular dating websites. The simple truth about life generally is the fact that at strategic points in life, we would be faced with diverse arrangements. Sometimes, the arrangements don’t even need to be formal, sometimes it could be social or with matters that deal with the heart.

Some people seek relationships out of the ordinary ones. One dating trend is dating with sugar daddies. Here is where Seeking Arrangement can really help!


One thing that you will have to bear in mind is that sugar daddy dating doesn’t always end in a long – term romantic relationship. The core element of sugar relationships is based on the idea of mutual benefits, which means that wealthy men (sugar daddy) lend financial assistance as long as the woman (sugar baby) continues to offer companionship.

This can be considered as a type of millionaire dating minus the commitment. solely emphasizes on sugar daddy – sugar baby relationships. Whilst standard membership of the site is free, users will have to upgrade to premium membership in order to access the complete set of features.

#5 belongs to the top four of dating websites dedicated to millionaire dating. The site’s tag line – “Seek a richer love life” is in accordance to the services offered by it.

The website’s user interface is among the best we’ve seen in the online dating industry. It’s modern, purposeful and above all, easy to use. The home page introduces users to a few featured members and encourages them to connect instantly by giving direct access to their partial profile.

#6 is ranked among the top 4 platforms for millionaire dating. Since its inception in 2006, the site has provided seamless services to men and women seeking single millionaires. The massive membership base, useful features and stringent privacy norms sets it aside from its competitors in the wealthy dating segment.


Although there are many dating sites on the Web in the millionaire online dating niche, not all of them have the same standards. definitely takes the lead in this category. The dating site offers a professional and well-organized appearance, encouraging its visitors to join in. To represent the perks of membership, the major features and benefits are listed on the landing page of the site. Sample member profiles are also available as a preview of what the site has to offer inside. This dating site is a great choice as it contains one of the largest databases of members in this niche.


From the very first page of the website, down to the name and the bulk of employees on the website, the impression of been an expensive website is created. There are thousands of people out there who have issues finding love. Some have actually found love but maintaining it over time has been a major trouble for them.


Do you want to find your true love? Finding your true love is not an easy thing as you think. To fall in love with someone is easy but keeping the love between you and her is not an easy thing because of some circumstances. Love can relatively make you feel different emotions. You can feel love whether you are young or old and rich or poor. For some people, finding love and your partner is easy while for some, it is not.


Luxy boasts itself as the #1 Millionaire Dating portal that is dedicated to matching and connecting successful and attractive singles across the globe.

Most people find it difficult to find someone who has achieved a similar level of success. Luxy makes it easy for the Top 1% to come together and find suitable mates.